Banking & Financial Services

Changes in the global economy have had a direct impact on the operational nature of the Banking & Financial Services industry. Multiple on-line options available to consumers today have put pressure on banks and financial service firms to provide more, differentiated, lower-cost offerings that establish long-term relationships and increase wealth. 

The reduction in capital budgets has shifted the focus from the adoption of new technology to improvements in the use of existing IT investments and associated processes. 

Our long-term relationships with leading Banking & Financial Service organizations have enabled us to build an in-depth understanding of the forces shaping the market. 

Excel Minds highly responsive services using measurable service level agreements that support both ongoing cost-reduction and revenue enhancement objectives while reducing risk.

Our software services to these segments include architecture design, application integration and development, information security assessments, legacy system maintenance, business intelligence, CRM and business process outsourcing. These offerings, delivered in an onshore-offshore model, have supported our clients’ efforts to offer innovative services while reducing their operational costs and business process cycle time.