Application Outsourcing


Excel Minds application development service comprises developing new applications, features, enhancements, interfaces, and upgrades for your existing and new business needs.

Vast Knowledge Base

With our vast knowledge base and extensive resources spanning US, Middle East and India, we cover the entire spectrum of the application development lifecycle – starting with defining business requirements and functional specifications to design, implementation, testing and deployment – working in close collaboration with you to ensure long-term benefit.

Re-usable Components

Our clients rely on our re-usable components and framework, as well as our Application Development Methodology for reducing time-to-market and assuring quality.

Target-Driven Development

Application Development

Excel Minds uses an agile yet disciplined arsenal of target-driven development methodologies, like project management, refined over the years with the experience and best practices gained from real-world engagements, that allows us to rapidly field new or modified applications. 

Proactive Approach

Our proactive approach to overall technological excellence, with delivery center in India, ensure tight execution and application reliability, helping you to edge the competition in cost and quality.

Application Re-Engineering

Application Re-Engineering promotes technologies for the examination of existing systems and approaches for re-engineering of software systems.

Program Understanding, Restructuring, Language Translation, Data re-engineering, System Migration, Business process re-engineering, Reuse of sub-systems, Testing and Documentation are some features of Application Re-Engineering. 

The principle business objective of the Excel Minds is to improve client’s capability to offer commercial services and to increase the return on investment of their software assets with the following objectives: